Crushed Ore 1LB
  • Crushed Ore 1LB

    Crushed 1 Pound
    The Miners Table Ore


    These amazing concentrates come from a family owned hard rock mine located in South Central Alaska.  Main commodities are gold, silver/galena, copper, zinc. 
    Heavily enriched deposits also include  Pyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite  and MORE!....... Absolutely gorgeous ore. 
    There is free mill gold and silver, with more locked in the sulfides(pyrites)!  Super fun to pan this stuff out. 
    Sluice or pan the gold or silver out and then keep the pyrites in a jar as a novelty to show/trick your friends and family.  You can also get a smelter kit to roast/smelt the sulphides(pyrites) to free the gold and silver trapped inside.
    This is from a working mine. I am taking the ore I process for my own reserves and sell to the refiners and am now offering it direct to you.
    I crush it, wash it once over my sluices to remove 90% of the gangue (slate, quartz) material to concentrate the ore.
    That's what we offer. Not tailings from a mine that maybe held some gold or silver back in the day....No... Fresh from the earth, concentrated, so you don't have to worry about the labor and cost of getting it ready for the pan....
    I do not inspect each bag for consistency. That would add significant costs that I don't think any of us need to bear.
    Our process to check for consistency of product after concentrating the ore will consist of taking samples at specific points thru out the ore bins holding the concentrates.



    What you see in the pictures is just a portion of the Lode with streaks of heavily disseminated gold bearing sulfides(pyrites) and free mill gold disbursed throughout the streak.


    The pressure and heat was so great during it's creation the surrounding host rock is also heavily infused with beautiful galena and additional sulfides. The galena, (containing silver) has assayed out at phenomenal numbers.
    Gold you ask? yup. it's in there. As well as copper,(native and in the chalcopyrite), zinc and iron(pyrrhotite).
    95 percent of what you get has been thru our crushers, the rest is literally scraped from the heart of the lode veins pictured above. It's quite soft, crumbly and loaded.
    The material you will receive consists of 1/4 inch down to super fines. 
    Yes! We guarantee you will find gold, silver, or both, and other goodies in your pan.
    Hours of fun guaranteed.

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